Does a copywriter need to be able to type fast on the keyboard?

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Fats typing is a valuable skill. We often need to transfer our thoughts to the computer screen in a very short time. So,  it is necessary to be able to move efficiently on the keyboard – especially when this situation concerns the professional sphere. That is why in this text we will look for an answer to the question: does a copywriter need to be able to type fast on the keyboard?

Fast typing on the keyboard – is it a necessity?

The copywriting profession is primarily about creating high-quality contents for SEO. It is important that s/he efficiently writes down the words and thoughts that appear in his head. Among other things, because often some of the best ideas or comparisons that are not written down right away disappear forever. For this reason, typing texts quickly on the keyboard can bring many benefits in this profession.

What are the main advantages of efficient keyboard operation?

  • Fast typing means that even a long text will be created quickly, and the saved time can be spent on possible corrections;
  • Greater processing power and the ability to accept a much larger number of orders results in higher copywriter earnings;
  • The writer can immediately capture ideas and concepts as they arise.

Those with this valuable skill can be more successful in the field of professional copywriting. However, it is worth remembering that skill is not a must.

Fast typing and SEO positioning

A particularly advantageous method is touch typing, i.e. typing that does not require looking at the keyboard all the time.

In the case of texts for a website or back-office texts, it is very important to accurately record individual keywords. Even the smallest typo or error can reduce the effectiveness of content positioning on the Internet. Touch Typing allows you to follow the typed text in real time and eliminate misspellings immediately.

Another advantage of automatic touch typing is the reduction in the number of corrections made. Sometimes when reading some articles or blogs, you can notice quite clumsy language forms. The most common cause of this type of writing mishap is repeated correction of sentences. The ability to monitor sentences as you type will effectively eliminate such cases.

Touch Typing allows you to follow the typed text in real time and eliminate misspellings immediately.

So we can see that fast typing is useful. However, it cannot be assumed that slower writers will perform worse. It is worth remembering that professional copywriting is mainly based on high-quality content. Blog articles or expert articles must, above all, substantively describe a given topic.

Does a copywriter need to be able to type quickly on the keyboard?

You don’t have to, but it’s a very useful skill. However, the comforting fact is that you can simply learn how to type efficiently!

Practice is important – writing texts regularly builds copywriting skills and enables faster content implementation. The keyboard is a tool like any other, so you need to practice, practice and practice again, and the results will come by themselves!

Oluwaseun Bakare

l am a Direct Response Copywriter with over 4 years experience in writing engaging and conversion driven content. Apart from writing content for websites such as blog articles and website management, l also enjoy swimming and binging on Netflix films.

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